Sustainability policy

The Environmental Management Plan is a guide of good environmental practices developed to meet our main objective at the festival, which is to minimize the environmental impact and bring attendees closer to the responsible and respectful consumption of energy. And also to encourage the consumption of ecological and sustainable products.

How will we do it?

• Creating a parking area for electric/hybrid vehicles.

• Raising awareness among attendees about other ways to consume and produce organic products that respect our environment and km0.

• Creating sustainable purchasing policies.

• Showing citizens the wide environmental management that exists in Lanzarote.

• Promoting events as spaces of respect and harmony between human beings, recycling, energy and environment.

• Introducing users to new ways of event management.

• Providing environmental training for personnel and generating environmental awareness.

• Promoting alternatives.

• Implementing sustainable communication.

• Encourage sustainable mobility.

• Conducting an acoustic study.

• Creating carbon footprint calculations.

• Conducting Eco Audit and surveys.

• Carrying out selective waste collection.

• Saving water energy.

• Preventing light and noise pollution.

• Carrying out actions for the conservation of local flora and fauna.

• Establishing spaces adapted for people with reduced mobility.

• Using ecological reusable cups and sustainable kitchenware.

• Sustainable merchandising.

Tourism promotion and role model for the Canary Islands

Today, and due to their repercussions on the territories, culture and cultural festivals are part of local and regional development strategies and urban regeneration actions.

Cultural festivals have an important relationship with the place where they are held, since, on the one hand, they are conditioned by the territory, its history and its people; and, on the other hand, they generate repercussions and impacts on the places where they are held and organized.

This type of events have become a great attraction for destinations, thanks to the success of the public they register, in addition to the economic impact for the place and for the positioning of the tourism brand, the objective of establishing connections between tourism and this type of events due to the opportunities for growth and expansion that it offers for the sector.

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